Goldberg's Famous Bagels

The Original Goldberg's Famous Bagels!


Established in 1949, our roots are steeped in the world of flour, water and yeast.  Now four generations strong, our family, 'The Goldbergs' has brought the bagel to the 21st century.  Our particular branch of the tree started with Arthur 'Artie' Goldberg.  He worked as a baker, bagel maker, store owner and was a part of the history of the original bagel union.  Artie and his partners started a chain of bagel stores in the Brooklyn, Queens and surrounding New York parts but the area was not quite ready and tension developed among the partners so each got a store and went their separate ways.  Artie took over the Westwood store and so it began.

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Marc Goldberg learned the business from the bottom up.  Starting at age 14 he would bake bagels for the store and wholesale accounts before school and then return to roll bagels for the next day.  It was the school of hard knocks along with Artie, that got Marc where he is today.  

The first store in Southampton came about thanks to a call from the landlord.  He had a bagel store that needed some attention and Marc decided to take a shot at it.  The love affair with Long Island soon began.  Moving his family to East Hampton, Marc is now the owner of many stores on the North and South forks.  He prides himself on the work ethic his dad taught him and has kept the Westwood, NJ store in existance from the Bagels USA days.  Marc and his family are a testament to the quality and pride that they take in their product and service.  They currently provide their community with a wide selection of deli and bakery options along Eastern Long Island.


Please don't be intimidated by our long lines over the Summer months, they move fast!

Goldberg's Famous Bagels

801 County Road 39a, Southampton, New York 11968, United States

(631) 204-1046


Open Daily: 6am-3pm

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